Aeroponics Systems

Aeroponic systems provide the best root aeration (oxygenation) then any other hydroponic system because the plants' roots are suspended in air. Aeroponics provides the fastest root development and plant growth, making hydroponics an ideal model for schools and research facilities, for both experimentation and education. For this reason many commercial growers take advantage of the aeroponics system to boost their crop production, sometimes doubling and tripling yields.

Aeroponics systems work by emitting a mist of nutrient solution constantly onto the roots of plants. The roots of plants are held in grow pots made of lattice webbing, fitted with inserts, to support the plants. Each plant is self-contained in its own individual grow pot and suspended from a hanging frame.

Aeroponics systems ensure that plants have sufficient water, nutrients and oxygen, and the temperature inside the root chamber can be easily controlled; ensuring the best potential growth. Plants exposed to all of the other hydroponic systems are at risk for oxygen starvation, root rot and over-saturation. It can be difficult to supply the plant's root system with sufficient oxygen, particularly in warmer conditions when the plant's oxygen requirement is much higher.

The benefits of Aeroponic systems:

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