Aluminum Canopy Gazebos

Aluminum-framed canopy gazebos are an economical and practical solution to your shade requirements on your patio, in your garden, near your pool or at the beach or campground. They're usually quite easy to set up and are portable.

The frame on a canopy-style gazebo will be aluminum or galvanized steel, usually powder-coated and most commonly in white, and a canopy or tarp will drape over the frame and be held fast with elastic ball spring hooks. Not all fabric on cloth gazebos will be waterproof, while a well-built cedar gazebo will provide shelter from rain and wind.

A fabric aluminum-framed gazebo providing about one hundred square feet of shade will cost about $170. The fabric will provide high UV protection and you'll also want to ensure a high level of fade resistance over extended exposure to the sun and elements.

Many gazebo and canopy manufacturers will provide an extended warranty on the durability and fade resistance of their fabric, and the frame will be under a separate warranty for defects in workmanship and materials.

There are also aluminum, galvanized steel and wrought iron gazebo styles available without canopies. These gazebos are designed to accent your garden décor and provide a structure for climbing plants, which if mature and climbing over the arch, will offer some shade. As with arbors, you can place a bench or porch swing set under the arch for a nice, relaxing refuge.

For more information about purchasing a canopy gazebo or metal gazebo, check out the shopping links at the top of this page.

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