Children's Treehouses

Whether you have the perfect tree for a treehouse or no tree at all, you'll find that children's treehouses are widely available from playground equipment and playhouse manufacturers to suit any budget and garden decor and to satisfy your child's wish for a dream home of their own.

There are countless books, websites, construction professionals and playhouse manufacturers offering advice on building a treehouse. You can find design plans and get all the materials you need from a standard home improvement retail outlet, or choose from an amazing selection of custom designed or pre-built treehouses from outlets specializing in children's outdoor structures and play structures.

Children's treehouses run the gamut from a simple platform structure with a tent roof that your child can help build, to extraordinarily elaborate designs with multiple playhouses, turrets, towers, swinging bridges, draw bridges, turbo slides and other modular play structures that will span a 60-foot backyard, some costing more than $100,000!

Safety and durability are key considerations in constructing your children's treehouse. If children can run, jump, climb, hang, fit their heads, arms and legs in small spaces, they will! That's part of the idea, after all, so you'll want to take all of the usual precautions against falls, pinched fingers, and cuts from sharp objects for your children's treehouse.

Railings should be an appropriate height and weight limits on platforms should be obeyed. The treehouse and play structures around it should have safety surfaces of rubber, shredded wood.

As for durability, treehouses made of mainly of wood are a good, sturdy choice, especially cedar. You'll want manufacturer's guarantees about the quality of the wood and the 'splinter-free' factor.

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