Coconut Fiber

Go tropical in your greenhouse with coconut fiber!

Coconut fiber (or 'couir') has recently become one of the more popular hydroponic growing media because it is totally organic in nature, unlike other popular grow media like rockwool or oasis cubes, which aren't biodegradable and create waste problems.

Coconut fiber comes from the powdered husks of the coconut, so using it for hydroponic growing is environmentally friendly. Coconut fiber is completely natural so it's also completely biodegradable after use.

In addition to its totally organic nature, coconut fiber has the following advantages compared to other popular hydroponics grow medias:

However, despite being totally organic and environmentally friendly, coconut fiber can cause the following problems when used in hydroponics growing:

Many hydroponics gardeners find that by mixing a grow media of 50-percent coconut fiber with 50-percent L.E.A.C. clay pebbles, they create the ideal water, oxygen and nutrient grow environment for their hydroponics plants.

Coconut Fiber is typically sold in brick form or in mats and is available for the following prices online:

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