Compost Bins

If you want to turn organic material into compost quicker than nature can, you should do it in a controlled area, such as a compost bin. These bins will turn the animal and plant matter into usable compost faster since it gives the decomposing microorganisms an ideal place to thrive and survive. Wastes can be composted in simple holding bins where it will be undisturbed for a slow decomposition process. These containers or bins are simple units used to store waste in an organized way until the materials eventually break down into compost.

A bin is generally the easiest way to compost your waste. All you have to do is place your organic material in the bin and it will do the rest. Items such as grass clippings, crop wastes, garden weeds and leaves usually work the best in these bin systems. A good bin should have openings in it that are big enough to allow plenty of air inside. However, make sure the openings aren't too big as you need to contain the compost material so it doesn't fall out.

Compost bins can be made of anything since they are just containers for the waste. Some people make bins out of wire mesh or wooden pallets since they are inexpensive to use. Concrete and cinder blocks can also be used. Feel free to be creative when it comes to your compost bins, but make sure it works properly. Compost bins can be bought in various materials, sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Tumbling bins are also available. If you find that your bin is attracting animals make sure you place your food scraps lower in the pile, not near the top. If this doesn't solve your problem look for a rodent proof bin. You should take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bin and choose one that suits your yard and lifestyle.

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