Compost Tumblers

If you really want your organic material to decompose quickly into compost, the best way to do it is use a compost tumbler. These items are basically compost bins that spin, tumble and turn. It allows you to mix your compost together and give it aeration on a regular basis. This saves you having to manually turn your compost with a fork or a turning tool.

Because compost tumblers are enclosed, the compost won't get too damp in wet weather and it won't dry out in warm weather. The tumbler should also keep the odors in and the animals out. Tumblers generally make composting a lot easier to do, but they don't do everything for you. Make sure your compost has enough nitrogen, oxygen and moisture in it or it won't decompose, and if it does, it will do so very slowly. Tumblers will also keep your yard neat and tidy, opposed to compost piles which can often look unsavory and may attract unwanted animals, including snakes.

Try and mix-up the type of material you place in the tumbler since you need a good mix of sources. You should also try to shred or break down any larger objects. Some tumblers will allow you to collect liquid at the base and will let you drain it into the ground or into a container if you want to use it for flowers or plants. When your tumbler has produced enough compost you just have to roll it onto your lawn or garden and open the door or lid to spread the compost. Compost tumblers come in various materials such as plastic, wood and metal. They are also available in various sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Make sure you are careful around your tumbler as some of them can be quite large. When it is filled with compost it will also be quite heavy and could be dangerous if it falls.

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