Cupolas help with air ventilation and adorn your gazebo, pavilion or other outdoor structure with charm. Add a weather vane to your cupola for even more intrigue.

Cupolas will often be an optional add-on to a gazebo, made with the same materials and in the same style as the gazebo, for example, shaked cedar. Many cupolas have a pagoda-style copper roof and cedar or other wooden louvered slats. Cupola - Greenhouses and Gazebos

Cupolas will generally come in three pieces, with roof, middle and base easily assembled. Weather vanes are generally very easy to mount on the roof structure of a cupola, and many cupolas have the required braces and hardware built in for a weather vane.

You'll want to select a size that will not overbear the gazebo, and that won't be so small that the cupola is dwarfed and unnoticeable. To decide on the size of cupola, consider 1.5 inches to each foot of unbroken roof surface.

A gazebo style of cupola will also look great on other outdoor structures, such as sheds, greenhouses, and screen houses.

Small, stand-alone cupolas will start at about $150, with $300 being a fair estimate of the cost to add a cupola to your gazebo.

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