Do-It-Yourself Gazebos

Many gazebo manufacturers offer do-it-yourself kits for wooden and vinyl gazebos. In addition, you'll find many websites, books and home and garden centres will help you determine what's involved in building your own gazebo. Gazebo design plans, videos and even software are just some of the planning tools available.

Wooden gazebo kits include pre-cut panels and lumber for floors, ceiling, roof and walls, hardware, detailed instructions and, in some cases, an assembly video. Assembly for a permanent wooden gazebo will require anywhere from an afternoon to 5 days for two people, depending on the design and your level of carpentry experience.

A wooden gazebo should be erected on a 'high and dry' foundation to prevent the floor from rotting and insect nesting grounds from developing, so at a minimum, you'll want some ground slope away from where your gazebo will be or you'll have to raise the ground to ensure proper drainage.

Gazebo assembly instructions will describe the required foundation laying process in detail. Depending on the terrain of your garden, you can choose patio stones, beams or a concrete foundation, which should be prepared before you receive your gazebo. Some vinyl gazebos can be anchored to your deck, and some are not recommended for lawn use.

If the whole project of building your own gazebo feels over your head, you'll find that many manufacturers offer semi-assembled gazebos to make it easier.

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