Every child wants to create special place for themselves where they can bring their imaginary friends to life, or just relax with a book. Pre-built playhouses, forts and treehouses are available online and satisfy a child's universal search for a spot to call their own.

Today, the ramshackle treehouses we used to build as kids have been replaced by miniature homes that look good enough to live in. Playhouse and treehouse kits can be found in various styles made out of durable plastic, nylon and even wood.

Popular styles include castles with moats, Swiss chalets, Victorian cottages and miniature sorcerer's caverns. Many playhouses even come with luxuries such as shingled roofs, shuttered windows, glass window panes, staircases, porches, turrets, skylights, swinging trap doors and bridges, and some even have electricity and running water.

A nylon play house can be purchased online in the form of a fire or police station, a castle or a giant teepee for approximately $60. Playhouses can also be ordered online in build-your-own kits, that come with instructions and pre-cut pieces ready to assemble. The kits typically include all the lumber, flooring, roofing, windows and a door. While extra options such as porches, trim, towers, curtains and furniture are sold separately. Treehouses and play houses are priced depending on size and features, for example an 8x10x10 playhouse kit will cost from $3000 to $4,500 online.

If you can't locate the playhouse or treehouse of your dreams, there are online manufacturers who will let you send in a custom-design that they will build for you. A custom-built treehouse with electricity and indoor plumbing can cost upwards of $100,000 online.

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