Garden Sheds

Some garden sheds serve multiple duty as an all-season greenhouse or a cozy solarium with a slanted clear roof, potting benches and storage space for all your gardening tools and even small equipment, like riding lawn mowers.

A very attractive 60-square-foot cedar garden shed with these features and a floor will cost about $2100, while the same model with 130 square feet will cost about $3200 and take 4 to 5 hours to erect for two people.

You can choose a garden shed kit in any style, size and material for use as a storage shed or tool shed, and vice-versa. Many people also use their garden or potting sheds as a quiet refuge for reading a book or enjoying the light from a winter sun.

When choosing the location for your garden shed, your top priorities should be a clear area that will provide maximum exposure to sunlight, especially important for fall and winter gardening, and a level, well-draining ground surface.

If you have a greenhouse and limited space for storing your gardening tools, you can build a small 4x6-foot garden shed with doors expanding the width for easy access and some shelving for your pots and soil, for about $500 in a very nice, weather resistant cedar. These types of sheds look very nice on a deck near a pool and can also be used for storing pool toys.

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