Garden gazebos run the gamut from the very elegant, classic hexagonal screened-in room built of the best quality cedar, to four-post aluminum frame structures that other manufacturers would call canopies. In the mid-range, you'll find affordable vinyl gazebos designed to resemble the traditional wooden gazebo. Gazebo - Greenhouses and Gazebos

Starting at the high end in terms of quality, design and price, red cedar gazebos are a beautiful architectural feature to add to your garden decor and provide a real retreat, especially as an enclosure for a spa or hot tub.

At the other end of the scale, canopy-type gazebos, while attractive in some styles, are more focused on the practical function of providing shade. On the plus side, they're usually quite easy to set up and are portable.

Wooden and vinyl gazebo manufacturers will offer a number of optional add-ins, allowing a good degree of customization. Rail and brace design, optional hidden wiring, removable screens, doors, cupolas, treated or untreated wood, painted or unpainted . these are just a few of the features you can decide on in designing your gazebo.

There are many gazebo manufacturers offering do-it-yourself kits, with assembly for a permanent wooden gazebo requiring anywhere from an afternoon to 5 days for two people, depending on the design and your level of carpentry experience.

Steel or aluminum fabric gazebos and canopies are of course the simplest and least time consuming to erect and to take down, so that you can take them to the beach, campground or just move them to different areas of your garden and spruce them up for special occasions or parties.

If you're erecting a permanent deck gazebo, you may need to check on building permits with your local municipality.

To learn more about the variety of gazebo styles on the market today, check out the shopping links at the top of this page.

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