Greenhouse Benches and Shelving

Many greenhouse kits come with benches and hanging shelves. Other greenhouse manufacturers offer benches and shelving customized to fit their line of greenhouses for an additional cost. In either case, there is a large selection available for any size greenhouse, and it's possible to expand on any shelving that is included with a greenhouse.

Greenhouse benches are actually shelving units, not seats. Some are intended for workspace, with the top shelf being about waist height for an average adult, and others will be multi-tiered units extending as high as you want, or decorative display racks.

Many greenhouse and potting benches will have wheels so you can move them in and out and around your greenhouse, and many will have a small sink for conveniently discarding cuttings and debris as you work. Some are very attractive stained cedar rolling carts with storage space for tools and soil and other planting supplies, in a price range starting at about $150.

Greenhouse benches are priced according to size and material. A 2x2-foot, two-shelf bench made of aluminum will cost about $100, while a 5x10-foot stainless steel greenhouse bench will start at about $1000.

Grow racks and propagating chambers, while not technically 'greenhouse shelving', are very handy and convenient for starting your planting in early spring. They are generally small, enclosed temperature controlled units with multiple sliding shelves that make very efficient use of your greenhouse space, or can be set up outside. A stainless steel propagating chamber with a 22-flat capacity will cost around $1000.

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