Greenhouse Kits

Greenhouse kits will usually come with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts to enable easy and fast assembly, and some are even easier with snap-together frames.

A relatively inexpensive starter greenhouse will generally have a galvanized steel or aluminum frame and a translucent polyethylene cover, a variation on a window and door that might be roll-up, side flap and zippered, and an eight-foot peak ceiling height. Some greenhouse kits also include an anchor system.

A more sophisticated, sturdier, all-season greenhouse kit might have break-resistant fibreglass reinforced plastic for walls and a sliding door, galvanized steel paneling at the bottom for extra sturdiness, a 10.5-foot peak ceiling height for tall plants and lots of head room for you, a roof vent and side vents for better air circulation. A greenhouse like this will cost about $800 just for the structure - no shelving, no floor, no anchor system.

Many greenhouse kits are sold without a floor, but will come with instructions for laying a foundation. Concrete patio stones, poured concrete, wood or any other weather resistant flooring material can be used for a foundation, as long as it will provide a level surface to prevent wind damage and allow for good drainage.

Some greenhouse kit suppliers also offer a floor or foundation framing kit for about $60. Investing in one of these may make laying the foundation and building your greenhouse easier and faster.

Greenhouses should be anchored down. Many kits do not include the anchoring system, but they are available at home improvement outlets, garden centres and greenhouse manufacturers at an additional cost.

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