Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouses require a lot of time and maintenance and there are a number of things to consider before building one. In order for your greenhouse to fulfill its purpose, it will have to have the power to withstand the worst of weather conditions. There are a number of things to consider, related to the design of your greenhouse, which will greatly affect the overall appearance and functionality of the structure.

Before you purchase and build a greenhouse it is important to research the many designs and styles in order to ensure you are receiving the best deal. In order to do this, you must first determine the factors which will affect the performance of your greenhouse. Below you will find 3 main factors which must be considered before building a greenhouse:

Location - Location is a very important factor which will greatly affect the performance of your greenhouse. You will want to locate your greenhouse in an area which has some degree of sun and shade throughout the day. If your greenhouse is located purely in the sun, perhaps a tree would be ideal for providing some form of shade. You will also want to locate your greenhouse in an area slightly higher than level land. This is to protect your greenhouse from flooding in heavy rainfall.

Type - You must determine the type of greenhouse you want before you begin building. There are many types of greenhouses to choose from including attached greenhouses and freestanding structures. An attached greenhouse is one which is attached to either your home or garage. This form can be half a greenhouse or a full greenhouse depending on the desires of the owners. A freestanding structure is a form of greenhouse which stands on its own and supports itself. Unlike attached greenhouses, freestanding structures must be full size greenhouses.

Environmental Systems - When building a greenhouse you must take into account the cost to heat and cool the area in order to maintain the desired temperature for plant growth. There are a number of environmental systems which you will need to purchase. Heating systems, cooling systems, air circulation systems and ventilation systems will help to create the desired temperatures. You will have to regulate these systems and monitor them on a daily basis in order to ensure the best results.

Building and operating a greenhouse takes a lot of time, effort and money in order to ensure the best results. When maintained and organized on a daily basis, the results from your greenhouse have the potential to be very rewarding.

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