A greenhouse in your yard can mean fresh vegetables for many months and an early spring for your perennials and annuals.

The ideal greenhouse will offer maximum sun exposure with a high degree of light diffusion, heat insulation and air circulation, as well as being sturdy and durable. Greenhouses are available in A-frame and barn shapes in a variety of styles, material and sizes.

A purely functional freestanding starter greenhouse kit will cost about $300 and take about 20 minutes to set up, so if you're really anxious to shake off the winter, you can find one at many garden centres and outlets specializing in outdoor structures. Prices do vary considerably among suppliers, so it's wise to shop around and compare prices for similar greenhouses.

Double-paned safety glass, polycarbonate and polyethylene are common materials for walls and roofs, and aluminum, galvanized steel and resin are the most common materials used for frames and bases. Most manufacturers will offer extended warranties on the wall and frame materials, some for as long as 20 years.

Greenhouse - Greenhouses and Gazebos For the serious gardener with a lot of space and a desire to add an attractive and functional feature to the garden or yard, there are some very stylish, high quality greenhouses on the market. There are even smaller hexagonal gazebo-style greenhouses that will serve double duty as a comfortable and attractive garden solarium, available for $2000 to $3000 in polycarbonate, or about $5000 in glass. Again, prices vary considerably for the same product, so shop around!
When choosing the location for your greenhouse, your top priorities should be a clear area that will provide maximum exposure to sunlight. This is especially important for fall and winter gardening, as is a level, well-draining ground surface.

Other considerations might be proximity to water and electricity sources, especially if you will be using greenhouse heaters, lights and fans. However, there are gas-burning heaters and lighting available, and filling a large barrel with water every so often, while a little inconvenient, will meet your water requirements.

To learn more about the variety of greenhouse styles on the market today, check out the shopping links at the top of this page.

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