Hydroponic Kits

Many people think of hydroponics as a complicated practice. However, hydroponic growers don't require expensive pumps and timers or complex equipment. In fact, experienced growers can easily convert common household items into hydroponics equipment; while beginners can benefit from using fairly inexpensive hydroponic kits.

Hydroponic kits contain all the basic equipment to get hydroponic. Equipment differs depending on the kit, but all kits offer these essentials for healthy plant growth:

Adequate Light - natural (via sunlight) or artificial (via grow lamps).

Temperate Conditions - between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius and between 60 and 70 percent humidity.

Protection - from the abuse of pets, pests, children, wind, frost and extreme weather.

Fresh Air - natural (via a window) or artificial (via an oscillating fan).

Grow Trays - any type of a container with a drainage hole on one end.

Grow Media - support the root system of the plant and absorbs water and nutrients that are essential to hydroponic plant growth. Different growing media work well in different types of hydroponic systems. Commonly used forms of grow media include rockwool, coconut fiber, light expanded clay aggregate (commonly called 'grow rocks'), oasis cubes and a perlite and vermiculite combination. Commonly found household items such as gravel, sawdust and even old rubber tires can be used as plant media, in order to support the roots of a hydroponically grown plant.

Nutrient Solution - hydroponic nutrient solutions contain all of the elements the plant normally would derive from soil. These nutrients can be purchased at a hydroponic supply store and many are included in hydroponic kits. Most nutrient formulas come in liquid or powered mixes - one for growing and one for blooming. Liquid mixes are more expensive, but they tend to dissolve faster. Powder nutrient mixes are less expensive, but need to be mixed much more thoroughly in order for them to dissolve.

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