Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic gardening is essentially the practice of growing plants in water without soil. Hydroponics has many benefits when compared to gardening in soil. Hydroponic gardeners can grow plants in areas with poor soil quality, in extremely cold or dry climates and in extremely small spaces. There is also no weeding or digging involved in hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic gardens can be started by beginners using a hydroponic kit. However these easy-to-find hydroponic supplies are all that's needed to get growing hydroponically.

Space - Believe it or not, the average hydroponic garden can be as tiny as 4 square feet. Space is less important in hydroponic gardening because plant roots are not competing for nutrients as they would in soil gardens.

A Grow Tray - any type of 4-inch deep tray can be used as a grow box. The grow box can be set up in any room in your home or classroom with adequate temperature and lighting.

An Electric Pump - the pump will be connected to a timer and used to flood the grow tray with nutrient solution.

A Timer - the timer is hooked to the electric pump and turns it on at intervals throughout the day, in order to flood the plant roots with nutrients.

Starter Seeds - can be purchased from just about any local gardening store or hydroponics website.

Water - use only distilled water on hydroponic plants as water can have a high or low pH level.

Nutrients - the nutrients required by your hydroponic plants can be purchased in liquid or powder solutions, from local garden stores or online. When using plant nutrient solutions please follow the directions provided.

Grow Media - will be used to support plant roots and to absorb the nutrient solution. The best grow media for beginners include rockwool mats, coconut fiber or L.E.C.A pellets (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate) because they are simple to use and have neutral pH levels. Grow media is placed in a flat grow tray and the nutrient solution is poured over it.

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