Oasis Cubes

Oasis Cubes are small rooting cubes which come in long sheets. Just like rockwool, oasis cubes are referred to as starter cubes, which means that on their own they don't provide any nutrients to the plant, only support to the plant's roots.

Oasis cubes are similar to floral foam (the foam used to design floral arrangements) because it retains water and provides adequate oxygen to the plant simultaneously. In fact, oasis cubes can hold up to 40 times their weight in water when saturated. Nutrients can also be added to the water. Oasis cubes should be pre-soaked, in a mixture of water and nutrients, and be allowed to drain before being fitted with plant seeds.

The great thing about oasis cubes is that they can be incorporated into any type of growing system. They can be used on their own in a hydroponics system or transplanted in a soil garden to provide extra plant support.

Oasis cubes are an excellent grow medium for beginners because of the ease of use. Just follow these easy steps to incorporate oasis cubes in your hydroponic garden:

Oasis cubes are meant to be a starter medium. They are typically available in 2-inch by 2-inch cubes, either fashioned into pads or strips. Oasis cubes are available for these prices online:

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