Other Garden Structures

Garden structures don't have to be limited to greenhouses and gazebos. If you're looking for other ways to enhance your garden, why not consider adding a pergola or a decorative screened porch. These structural elements will create interest for you and your family.

Pergolas covered with climbing roses and honeysuckle vines attract bees and butterflies; while screened porches keep pesky mosquitoes and flies out while your enjoying your garden in the evenings. If you're tired of having your kids playing around your wooden gazebo, why not give them their own playground in the garden where they can play to their hearts content. Instead of having to take your kids to the park, you can bring the park to them. Playhouses and tree houses will keep them busy for hours, while you relax in your own space in the garden.

If you feel like adding a bit a humor to your garden, consider adding an old fashion outhouse. This element in your garden is sure to attract attention when you're hosting a dinner party. Your guest might even appreciate not having to walk all the way to the indoor bathroom when nature calls.

Gardens are meant to be beautiful, relaxing sanctuaries, but they are also meant to be lived in. By adding structures in the garden, you're ensuring that your garden will be used by your entire family.

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