Outhouse Decor

Have you ever heard the saying - everything old is new again? Well, outhouses have recently undergone a renaissance of sorts. It could be their kitschy nature or just be that you might be after a quiet space, where you can spend hours in comfort and solitude.

If you've decided to build an outhouse in your backyard or make one the pit stop on the way to the lake at your cottage or trailer park, please consult our helpful tips for building an outhouse.

The outhouses of today are unlike the ones of days gone by. Instead of serving a purely functional purpose, outhouses should be fun conversation pieces. Once you've erected your outhouse you will want to decorate it to suit your taste. Weather it be a country theme, a homage to your favorite animal, a Harley Davidson theme or a theme evoking the past - the sky, or should I say hole, is the limit!

Here are some fun ideas to help you get started on your outhouse decor:

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