The selection of pre-built and custom-designed playhouses on the market today is nothing short of incredible. Any fairy tale or fantasy home your child can dream up can be had from custom playhouse designers. Even those dreamed up by adults are possible! playhouse - Greenhouses and Gazebos

From miniature to adult size, you'll find playhouses in all the styles of real houses: Cape Cod , log cabins, Victorian, garden cottages, Swiss chalets, Dutch colonial, not to mention castles!

You and your children can also design your own playhouse, even creating a miniature replica of your own house, with identical exterior and interior decor including the furniture, staircases, window dressings and appliances - even a sink with running water!

Playhouses are available in build-your-own kits, with pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble. The kits will generally include all the lumber, flooring, roofing and windows, doors and trim, with options for things like porches, interior trim, towers and turrets. And, of course, full building instructions. An 8x10x10 playhouse kit will cost about $4500. Remember, a 10-foot high playhouse will allow you to play too!

Pre-built playhouses will be shipped in panels with doors and windows already hung. A pre-built playhouse measuring 6x6x7 and painted in your choice of colours will start at about $3000, with the same design in the larger dimensions of 8x6x9 costing $6000.

You'll also find a huge selection of playhouse furniture, appliances, lighting and outdoor patio furniture to suit any style of playhouse.

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