Screened Porches

Screened porches allow the flow of natural air and all the comforts of an outdoor setting while preventing the nasty invasion of bug and insects. Screened porches can be separate, free-standing structures or can be attached to your house. They can be custom-built as an addition to the front or back of your house or screened porch enclosures that are purchased as kits.

Screened porch kit frames can be square, circular or rectangular. Many have aluminum and vinyl framing and are offered in several different colors and sizes. Screened porch enclosures often have roofs made of vinyl.

Some screened porch kits offer doors that slide open. Some allow for the screens to be removed in the fall and winter and replaced with windows to allow for insulation during cold weather.

A screened porch enclosure kit can be offered in many different frame and roof colors and are normally able to be used in the summer and sometimes spring. Some need to be disassembled during the winter months as they cannot withstand cold weather or snow.

Screened porch enclosure kits can be very easy to assemble and often come with the framing and the screens and many companies offer numerous feature and accessory options. All screened porch structures need to be securely fastened to various bases. Some can be secured to deck or patios while others need a concrete base.

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Screened Porches
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