Steel, wood and vinyl sheds are widely available for gardening, storage, tools and woodworking at home improvement retail outlets, garden centres and greenhouse suppliers' outlets. Many sheds, regardless of name, will serve multiple purposes, and some make an attractive addition to a yard or garden.

Shed - Greenhouses and GazebosYou'll want to locate your shed on level ground with good drainage. The type of foundation required will depend on the type of shed, whether it comes with a floor or you are building your own, and the shed's intended use. A well-constructed foundation will make or break your shed-building experience.

The intended use of the shed will also determine placement in a sunny or shady location. If you're erecting a garden shed, you'll want maximum southern exposure for the windows. A storage shed might be best situated in a very shady area or close to the house, depending on what you're storing, and how often you need to access it in different seasons.

Some sheds serve multiple duty as an all-season greenhouse, cozy solarium or even an office. A very attractive 60-square-foot cedar garden shed with a slanted clear roof, potting benches and storage space for all your gardening tools and even small equipment, like riding lawn mowers, will cost about $2100 and take about 4 to 5 hours to assemble.

You'll need to consult building code regulations for your area before erecting a shed.
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