Skylights can bring natural light to bathrooms, hallways or lofts and can only be installed where the ceiling in your home is directly under the roof, such as an attic or a cathedral ceiling. Skylights come in many sizes and shapes including pyramid, octagon, dome and square styles and can protrude or lie flat.

Skylights can be opened completely, some are fixed but still allow for ventilation and others are permanently closed. If ventilation is needed, one that opens either all the way or partially is recommended. Screens are also a good idea for most that open. Some have automatic controls for opening while others need to be open and shut manually using a long pole.

The glass used is often double-glazed to provide extra strength and because single-paned glass can cause condensation and does not insulate well. Skylight framing can be made of many materials including fiberglass or aluminum.

Keep in mind that skylights can leak. To ensure that a skylight does not leak proper installation is essential. Self-installation for those unfamiliar with skylights can be difficult and can lead to future problems. Working on a roof for those unaccustomed to it can also be dangerous.

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