Storage Sheds

Storage sheds on the market run the gamut from small deck storage boxes made of resin to very elaborate and beautiful cedar sheds that can double as a studio or home office. Some storage shed kits include the frame and brackets only for $40 to $60, with you providing the wood or other material for the walls, roof and floor, while many in wood, metal or vinyl will come with all the components in knock-down panels for assembly.

An attractive, 80-square-foot cedar storage shed with a wide door for riding movers will cost about $2100 and take 4 to 5 hours to erect. A 24-square-foot storage shed measuring 8x3 feet for storing garden tools, soil, lawn chairs and other patio furniture costs about $900 for cedar and $250 to $500 for a brand-name resin construction.

Vinyl and metal storage sheds are widely available in garden centres and in home improvement chain retailers for comparatively reasonable prices. An eight by eight-foot vinyl storage shed at a brand name outdoor supplies retailer will cost about $900, with an 8x10-foot metal structure costing about $450.

Storage sheds are just as easily called tool sheds and vice-versa. Either, especially in the metal and vinyl ranges, are handy for storing bicycles, tools, lawn mowers and patio furniture.

To learn more about the variety of storage sheds on the market today, check out the shopping links at the top of this page.

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