Sunroom Accessories

Sunroom accessories can make your glass space more inviting and fun. Whether it is furniture, plants or shades there are some important things to consider while furnishing your sunroom. Heat and sun can cause damage and fading to many fabrics and furniture. Some wood as an example loses color and dries out in sunlight.

Sunroom Furnishings
Many people wish to choose practical and suitable furnishings for their sunroom. Wrought iron and other metals are practical options for furniture in that they resist damaging effects of sun and heat. Wicker and rattan furniture are also popular as they have an airy and natural feel and work well because they are lightweight and less prone to sun damage. Some wicker and rattan furniture is resistant to damaging UV rays. Coffee tables, settees, bookshelves and rocking chairs are also offered in wicker and rattan. For cushions and pillows, be sure to check their sun resistance.

Shades and Blinds
Shades and blinds can be manual or automatic and come in many different colors, styles and fabrics. Shades and blinds add a decorative touch to a sunroom in that they can make the room more private and reduce heat by blocking sunlight. You can buy many blinds and shades custom made and some assist in reducing noise and heat from the sun while protecting furniture and flooring.

If you wish to have traditional curtains in your sunroom, many recommend the curtain have a lining for more sun protection. Be sure that the curtain fabric is durable and will retain color by withstanding sun exposure.

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