Sunroom Frames

Sunroom frames are a key structural component that is available in a variety of different materials. The type of sunroom and ground composition will determine what type of foundation will be needed, although concrete is very commonly used and sometimes footings are required. Some people may be able to use an existing patio that meets size and structural requirements while others may have to build the foundation from scratch.

Frame Types
Many sunroom frames used today are made of wood (pressure treated), aluminum, vinyl (PVC) and galvanized steel.

Interior and exterior framing systems can be the same or different depending on the styles the home has. This allows a homeowner to have one material on the inside that matches the interior and another product outside that may match the exterior elements such as eaves troughs, roofing material or window frames.

Sunrooms can be made entirely of glass, while others may have a knee wall. The low knee wall may be chosen as it adds a decorative element to the space and is great for hiding wires, cables and enables the low wall to be fitted with electrical outlets.

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