Sunroom Kits

Sunroom kits are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials. Consumers are finding many options in sunroom kits that are affordable, practical and that meet their design needs.

Some sunroom manufacturers prefer to sell their kits to licensed contractors while others can be purchased by a homeowner for assembly. Sunrooms kits that you plan on installing yourself should be purchased only after you have ensured that it meets local building and fire code requirements and that any permits needed have been acquired.

Sunrooms require different types of foundations. Some sunrooms sold in kits are suitable for decks and porches while others require a solid base made out of concrete.

Sunroom kit windows can be made of glass or acrylic and may be offered as single or double glazed. Some have windows that can be easily replaced with screens for warm months which work well for maximizing air flow. Some kits may include screened or sliding doors. Sunroom frames come in many different colors and can be made of many materials, including aluminum and vinyl.

Sunroom kit companies offer many extra options including ventilation and fan systems, screen replacements, doors and door locks. Sunroom kits often come ready to assemble so there is little need for you to cut or saw and most are sold with appropriate bits, bolts, screws and other small accessories. Many do it yourself sunroom kits come with detailed manuals, and s ome even offer a video to guide you through installation.

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