Sunroom Roofs

Sunroom roofs are an important architectural feature that can greatly enhance the space and practicality of a sunroom. It is integral to the overall design of the room and there are many roof options which a homeowner should consider. A sunroom roof can be peaked, slanted, curved or flat.

Glass Sunroom Roofs
Sunroom roofs can be made entirely of glass, which is great for those who want a view of the sky. In some cold climates where there is a large amount of snow accumulation, glass roofs may not be a viable option (or certain glass may be required) as they may not meet weight requirements. For those that have a sunroom with a glass roof, be sure that tree branches and other debris are not in close proximity.

Hard-Covered Sunroom Roofs
Your sunroom can also have a flat or sloped roof which is completely hard-covered, like the roof on your house or garage. This type of roof can easily match the roof on your house and may be built with the same material. Hard-covered roofs are strong and withstand large amount of snow. They also block penetrating sun rays so they can keep the room cooler. For furniture or carpet, hard-covered roofs minimize fading and can better protect fabric and furnishings.

Hard-Covered Roofs with Skylights
Some people choose to have hard-covered roofs that feature skylights. This can bring in natural sunlight and enable the homeowner to have a glimpse of the sky. It also can make the room feel more airy and open.

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