Sunrooms were first designed to offer plants and flowers an environment in which they could flourish. Since that time, they have become an increasingly popular design element in modern homes. Sunrooms, conservatories and atriums provide a place to enjoy nature and sunlight while providing shelter from rain and annoying insects.

Sunrooms are ideal for city dwellers and cottage owners alike. They are versatile in structure and design and can be added on to an existing space or can be a separate external entity. Sunrooms are great for bedrooms in that they can offer a spectacular view and may work well as an office by providing great natural lighting. Sunrooms and conservatories tend to have a fun and relaxing atmosphere, which make them ideal as a sitting area or family room.

Sunrooms can be purchased as prefabricated kits or can be custom-made. Both can be built by a local professional and some kits have been designed as a do-it-yourself project. There are many sunroom options that will match the style and decorative elements of your home's interior and exterior. Sunrooms and conservatories can vary in length or height and can range from a basic square box design to a structure that resembles a mini cathedral with many different geometric shapes.

Sunrooms and conservatories are great for enjoying natural sunlight and are a fun and relaxing space that add value, comfort and uniqueness to modern homes.

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