Tool Sheds

Tool sheds can be anything from a small metal structure with a few shelves to a very elaborate, spacious workshop with workbenches, shelving, ceiling and wall hooks for hanging supplies and gardening tools. Many tool sheds on the market will serve equally well as a garden shed, and some, given their style and size are even taken up as home offices or studios.

A 5x6-foot metal tool shed available at any outdoor suppliers retailer will cost about $200, while a very attractive 60-square-foot cedar tool or storage shed with benches and storage space for all your gardening tools and even small equipment, like riding lawn mowers, will cost about $2100 and take about 4 to 5 hours to assemble.

Depending on the size of the shed and the amount and size of the things you'll be storing, as well as your desired workspace, you'll want to give the door some thought. Sliding doors that expand the width of the shed will be most convenient if you're storing large things in a relatively small space.

Wooden and metal tool shed kits will come in pre-cut and drilled panels for easy assembly. Not all tool shed kits will come with a floor, but you can buy flooring material or the optional floors that are available for specific lines and sizes of sheds.

Vinyl and metal storage sheds are widely available in garden centres and in home improvement chain retailers for comparatively reasonable prices. Garden centres and greenhouse manufacturers will have a large range of tool sheds available, with cedar being very popular.

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