Treehouses are popular among children and adults alike. Children see them as a fantasy playhouse, regardless of the size or style, while many adults are adding a treehouse as a haven or retreat in their garden. Some are constructing them to live in, and treehouse resorts are becoming a popular get-away-from-it-all eco-vacation idea. Kids Treehouse - Greenhouses and Gazebos

There are countless books, websites and alternative construction professionals offering advice on building a treehouse, from how to choose the best tree for your child's treehouse to the finishing touches on a treehouse resort, complete with spa and entertainment decks.

There are treehouse resorts that cater to outdoor enthusiasts, often offering rock climbing, hiking, rafting and other activities as part of their allure. Others offer a simple, romantic setting that satisfies childhood dreams.

Treehouses and treehouse designs and kits for children are available from manufacturers of playhouses and other playground equipment. Treehouses are often one part of a multi-module play structure or are offered as an optional add-on to your existing play structure.

You'll find a huge range of styles, sizes and prices for children's treehouses and tree forts, from a few hundred dollars for a fairly simple platform fort that your child can help build, to $60,000 and more for a pretty elaborate castle treehouse!

Safety and durability are key considerations in constructing a treehouse, regardless of who it is for and its purpose. Obviously, you'll take all of the usual precautions against falls, pinched fingers, and cuts from sharp objects for your children's treehouse.

For a larger treehouse intended for adult use, you'll want to consult with a building professional, and will likely have to abide by municipal building code requirements.

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