Wooden Gazebos

Wooden gazebos are a beautiful architectural feature to add to your garden decor and provide a real retreat, often with garden benches, swings or porch gliders and lighting built-in or as optional accessories. If you choose just the gazebo, your choices in patio and garden furniture are almost as broad as for any room in your house.

Wooden gazebo manufacturers will offer a number of optional add-ins, allowing a good degree of customization. Rail and brace design, optional hidden wiring, removable screens, doors, cupolas, treated or untreated wood, painted or unpainted . these are just a few of the choices facing you in designing your gazebo.

There are many gazebo manufacturers offering do-it-yourself kits. Wooden gazebo kits will include pre-cut panels and lumber for floors, ceiling, roof and walls, hardware, detailed instructions and, in some cases, an assembly video. Assembly for a permanent wooden gazebo will require anywhere from an afternoon to 5 days for two people, depending on the design and your level of carpentry experience.

A basic pre-cut, 10-foot diameter cedar octagonal gazebo will start at about $2000. An optional screen kit for walls, windows and doors will add another $500, and a cupola will add a few hundred. Garden benches or other furniture will cost anywhere from $60 to several hundred, depending on whether you opt for them at the time of ordering your gazebo, or select distinct furnishings later.

An all-season cedar gazebo kit will include glass and screen windows and doors and will start at about $5000. Depending on where you live, you'll want to consider the snow weight capacity of the roof on any permanent gazebo.

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